ECMX® Registry
ECMX® Registry
The Energy Communications Management eXchange®

End Device Object Identifier Registration Area

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ECMX is the registrar for ANSI C12.19 / IEEE Std 1377™ End Device data models and ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ AMI network information artifacts.

We maintain and publish the repository of the certified standard reference data models and user-community supplied End Device data models. Our community members include meter manufacturers, end device component vendors, utilities and AMI system integrators.  The registry provides access to End Device Classes (TDLs and EDLs), Network Nodes ApTitles (network names of C12.22 Nodes, C12.22 Relays and C12.22 Master Relays), Security Mechanism Names (used by AMI Nodes that implement ANSI C12.22 and IEEE Std 1703 security and cryptographic models), and Electronic Serial Numbers (ESNs that are associated with the hardware of C12.22 Nodes).

Our site provides secure quality access and processing services for the creation of new Object Identifiers (OIDs) and for the management the registered OIDs to our subscribers. ECMX® assign OIDs from the pool of Object Identifiers licensed from NAEDRA. Applications for OIDs are trough our web portal for the convenient to our members and subscribers. clients.

Once the OIDs and associated artifacts are registered they can be made instantly available to our members and subscribers (subject to security and privacy considerations), these include manufacturers, utilities and any other interested entity.

Upon processing of an application for a new Device Class, ApTitle, Security Mechanism Name or Electronic Serial Number; our system issues a traceable receipt to the applicant. This receipt is known as application identifier. All subsequent interactions you the subscriber will be in reference to the application identifier and with transaction/transaction group identifiers that are generated by the subsequent activities associated with your application.

Access OID registration services from the list below: