ECMX® Registry
ECMX® Registry
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ECMX is the registrar for ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ SmartGrid AMI network node ApTitles and related artifacts. We are also the provider of the ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ Root Master Relay that lives on the top of the hierarchy of all Master Relays that service all other relays on the AMI network.

A C12.22/IEEE 1703 Network, in the general case, is the aggregation of all Service Provider Domains. The C12.22 Network may initially comprise only few Service Provider Domains, but as the Smart Grid AMI network evolves and grows, additional C12.22/IEEE 1703 Domains are incorporated (e.g. domains for utilities, domains for T&D (Transmission and Distribution), domains for PEVs (Plug-in Electric Vehicle), and domains for HANs etc).

For a C12.22/IEEE 1703 Node (e.g. a meter) to be associated with a C12.22/IEEE 1703 Network, it must be registered with a C12.22 Master Relay, using a properly acquired unique ApTitle (Application Title, that serves to identify the node on the global AMI network). This ApTitle is an Object Identifier (OID) registered with ECMX and it facilitates locating nodes on any network, not requiring any knowledge of the node's native address and it is independent of the type and location of the node's native communication network, may it be IPv4 or IPv6 or another.

The relays and master relays that live immediately below the ECMX Root Master Relay must have Internet (IPv4 or IPv6) connectivity path to the ECMX Root Master Relay in order for node registration and Internet-wide discovery services to function properly. An additional requirement is that these nodes implement IETF RFC 6142: ANSI C12.22, IEEE Std 1703, and MC12.22 Transport Over IP.

Our subscribers may obtain network OID necessary artifacts from the list below: